Cubase pro 12.0.52 very high power usage

Hello, I have a problem with my Cubase, it is making the computer very hot, sometimes it gives me a blue screen and the computer restarts.

I’m using Solid State Logic plugins.
All my plugins are licensed.

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From the last screenshot I can see that you are using the AMD Adrenalin software, which has been causing trouble for other users as well (not just Cubase, it caused problems with plugins and other packages).

Try to remove Adrenalin, use just the basic graphics drivers and see if that fixes the problem. If you want to keep Adrenalin try use the minimal install, instead of the full package.


TBH, since installing .52, it keeps crashing. Not only that, my computer has started to run real hot while I’ve got a project up (like 70° +), which certainly wasn’t the case before the update… and for the same project.

So if this happens since the last update, why not going back to the previous version?
You obviously run a Mac, I can’t tell you where to look there for issues. I’m not using Apple devices.

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You must have typed it as I thought it.
Yep… that’s the workaround.

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Thanks for the great help, I uninstalled the AMD card components, now I’m testing to see, my computer never warmed up, I don’t know what could be, if it doesn’t improve I’ll format it!

You’re welcome

Hello everyone, I’m returning here, to say that what was causing temperatures on my computer was the power source, it wasn’t ventilating, so the computer was heating up a lot.

Until I found out it was the culer, I had gone several times to the maintenance technician, when I got home, I went to test the cups with the computer disassembled, it was only then that I realized that the cooling of the computer’s power supply had stopped working .