Cubase Pro 12.0.60 Does not load HALion Sonic SE (standalone works fine)

Hi, Up till now, I have been using HALion Sonic and HALion with Cubase (and Dorico) just fine. A friend of mine now has Cubase Artist that has only HALion Sonic SE.

Now I realised that HALion Sonic SE does not load for me and when I give him a project file with HALion Sonic which he does not have, I have to remap the instruments.

HALion Sonic SE is on my computer and works as standalone, but Cubase Pro 12 is not loading it.

Can someone point me int the right direction to resolve my problem?

Thank you, Bob

Halion Sonic 7 is the successor of Halion Sonic SE3. If your friend has a Cubase 12 license they can download Halion Sonic 7 for free.

If you used to have Halion Sonic SE3 as part of your Cubase license, it might have been replaced inside your plugin collection but is still installed. Have a look in the VST plugin manager/Instruments in the Studio menu if it is still there.

Thank you Johnny, that is great advice. I will get my friend to upgrade.