Cubase Pro 12 bug: cannot select first audio input

Version: 12.0.40
OS: MacOS 12.6

I tried the connection with a behringer x32 and also with the built-in soundcard.
The issue is that selecting the first input port (mono) from the list when creating new track resulting in the selection of the bottom StereoIn bus. No issue with selection from the second mono port.

If this thing is not fixed soon I have to rely on a different software for recording.
Also would be happy for a workaround if that exists.


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin.

Thanks for the quick answer.
I tried with disabling the prefs.
It has still the same issue.
Though I discovered, when I restarted the first time with disabling, when I created a new track, it automatically selected the first mono port, so could have just hit create track with the first mono port.
But tried to select again, and the “StereoIn” sticks. But when I restarted Cubase again with the safe mode, it didn’t offered me that option again: StereoIn by default. It looks a random startup.

(I wonder if it has to to something with the M1 processor. says 12 is M1 optimized, but it still runs for me as an Intel process.
UPDATE: I see it is an universal app, opened it with Rosetta mode now, still the same issue.)


What I could do as a workaround, is opening Studio → Audio Connections and adding a mono bus for the first mono input.

This way I could add a track using the Mono bus.
The Behringer x32 is not around to test it, but I think this method would work with it also.


This is the old common way, thank you for mentioning this.

But I will investigate on the issue anyway.

But I will investigate on the issue anyway.

Thank you.

Maybe a hint for investigation:
When I set “Device Port”: “not connected” for the Stereo In bus in the Audio Connections, I could select the Mono in 1, that created a bus automatically (I guess default behaviour)
Ah I see now. The cause should be that The Mono in 1 was set for the left channnel of the Stereo In bus, and it defaulted in that.
As I recognised a new bus is automatically created when selecting a hardware input channel for the track, if not exists.
All clear. Thanks.