Cubase Pro 12 Disables Screen Saver

Could you please fix Cubase so that it does not ALWAYS disable the Screen Saver/Lock Screen when it is running? Please? It is not only a waste of energy keeping monitors on ALL the time and overnight, but it leaves your computer unprotected by the Lock Screen whenever you are not in front of it. This behavior is totally NOT COOL. I’m sure this was added as a feature from complaints about corrupted recordings when the computer locks in the middle of a recording session but, come on, this is a bit of a blunt instrument solution don’t you think? I can’t think of another piece of SW I’ve ever used which did this (unless it was defective and needed reinstalling).

I’m OK with having the ability to disable the screen saver/lock while recording, but this should be a USER PREFERENCE, not forced on everyone. I could see this either being a user preference to turn it completely on/off, or a user preference in combination with an “if on and recording don’t let the screen saver interrupt me” feature. I’m sure that is much more difficult to program, but the current situation is a serious security flaw (and violation of the computer owner’s chosen configuration).

EDIT: This is an issue/bug report. It is NOT a request for help, assistance, or comment from the community. This may not be important to you, which is OK. I’m simply asking for the choice to decide whether Cubase hijacks my system performance and security without informing me or giving me that choice.

you could be a little more polite and relaxed…

are you on a mac? then press Ctrl Shift Eject and you can turn of all monitors when you want.
there is a tool for windows what does the same

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It is a security issue. However you have likely given cubase privilege to so.
On a mac this is done with settings->security&privacy->accessibility.
Cubase ask for access, and for most users it is valid for cubase to have access to audio inputs.

Seriously. @ghuinink1971? That’s what you’ve got for me? I said ‘please’, and I will relax when I start to feel that I just didn’t waste $600 on a piece of SW that I’m going to have to continually fight with .So, maybe you can forgive my frustration.

No, I’m not on a Mac. Sure, I can reach over and press 3 different buttons to turn off all three of my monitors and lock my workstation manually when I need to step away for a few minutes because that’s what I do with every other program I use on my workstation. Or, I could go to the trouble to close my Cubase projects every time I step away, just so my workstation will act the way I’ve instructed it to, because that’s what I do with every other program I use on my workstation? Or, I could buy some obscure piece of additional software that I could program to go through any number of machinations in order for my workstation to behave as I’ve instructed it to whenever I have Cubase running, because that is what I do with every other program I use on my workstation.

Now, if I only could find that Eject key.

Access to audio inputs?

I’m not quite sure how that’s relevant… but I am quite sure the Cubase installer never asked for (and I never gave) permission to disable my screen saver and lock screen. And I know it’s not a “requirement” of any kind, because none of the other thousand or so applications I have on my workstation require such permissions to operate, including the numerous DAWs I currently have loaded or have used in the past. This is a unique, invasive, and unnecessary behavior in Cubase. I’ve simply reported it here as an unnecessary security issue that really needs to be addressed by Steinberg.

As I said, I can see where some users might appreciate such a feature, but it should be an option, and not forced upon every Cubase user.

Well, the Windows Media player prevents the PC from from locking …

When Cubase is active, there seems always to be some kind of activity on the screen. Maybe that’s just the reason the Screen saver never kicks in (not sure though)

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I’d have a look at the power settings.


I’d ‘minimize’ Cubase when you stop working . It could allow the screensaver to kick in.

Good luck finding a solution!

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No, keeping your computer on all the time and overnight is a waste of energy.

No, leaving your computer unattended and unlocked is a security flaw, easily fixed on Windows with Windows+L.

But seriously, all you had to do was ask “Is there a way to prevent Cubase Pro 12 from disabling the screensaver” and spared us the rant.


Yes, maybe this is a message that deserves being put in the ‘Forum guide’

Thanks for the suggestions. Below are my settings currently:


Also, minimizing Cubase hasn’t worked for me. The screensaver/lock is disabled whenever Cubase is running, whether full screen or minimized. That’s how I discovered it initially. I usually always clear my screens (minimize everything) before leaving my computer.

Before I came here to rant, :roll_eyes: I actually spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting Cubase trying to find a way around this defect, to no avail. That’s why I’ve posted this issue/bug report.

I did some testing myself and indeed, Cubase (in whatever state) prevents the screensaver from kicking in.
For me this phenomenon is not a problem though …
Anyhow, cheers and have fun making music


If you were someone who needs 24/7 remote access to 36TB of spinning disk, nightly backups of over 8TB of data, and access to sophisticated home automation wherever you, then keeping your computer running all the time is a necessity.

However, having 3 monitors on full blast while I’m not sitting in front of them is, indeed, a waste of energy.

And I do, although I’m not the only user on this workstation. Also, the whole point of screen saver and lock timeouts is for the times you (or someone else) does not manually lock the screen. That’s why it is set up to automatically do so, but Cubase hijacks that behavior, something the installer/documentation failed to inform the user about. Lock is secondary to the always-on monitor issue.

And all you had to do was keep scrolling… and spared us the sarcasm. How is your sarcasm any better or more helpful than my rant?

As you will undoubtedly have noticed, my post was tagged ISSUE and labeled BUG REPORT. You must have assumed I was actually looking for solutions, or comments on this post, because I’ve already spent sufficient time to determine that there is no workaround for this. I am simply reporting a defect.

But I do appreciate your helpful insight nonetheless. Cheers.

This is actually NOT true (whether WMP is full screen or minimized) if the app is not playing. Media Player will only prevent screen saver/lock if it is actively playing (which is expected behavior).

This is the behavior I expected from Cubase (as is the case with Audition, Reaper, Bitwig, etc.). If Windows can do it with Media Player, there is no reason Cubase can’t disable it when recording, or playing or, really, any time the playhead is moving. Other DAWs don’t have a problem with it. I see no reason for the current solution Cubase employs, except perhaps laziness. I’ve been a SW engineer for over 40 years and have just as much experience in IT, and Cubase has me really scratching my head. (Not a rant, just conversation).

That explains something indeed.
But at present, I think the Cubase development team is dealing with other problems that are ‘more important’
Anyhow, I think there is no immediate solution for ‘your’ specific problem.

Regards from Belgium,

Blinking Worsters , Thats in im uninstalling Cubase as it’s a DAW that requires your computer not to sleep to make sure you don’t get any errors .
Can i have a 33 year refund as i did not know what i was signing up for

If it were that critical, I wouldn’t be installing Cubase on it though.

Please point out where I was sarcastic.

This is true. Silly me (now that was sarcastic).

For me personally, this is not a software defect, it’s always been that way, I expect it to stay that way, and I dare say for the vast majority of users on here, it’s never been a problem, and even if it were configurable as a user setting, I’d leave it unchanged.

I just accept the fact that realtime audio processing and power-saving can be conflicting requirements. When I’m done, I just shut down Cubase (and the computer, and the monitors, which are all set to sleep even if I forget to shut them down).

Your opinion is clearly different, but perhaps it would be better expressed in the form of a feature request.

Agreed. It probably explains why I find this particular Cubase behavior “lazy” and where (apparently) everybody else accepts it as “just the way it is”. Perspective.

Perhaps to you. Clearly, not to me. Otherwise, neither of us would be here.

I think I stated as much, which is why I created this bug report.
Cheers from Alaska, btw. I especially liked Ghent when I visited your country.

Again, you have zero idea what my needs are, how I utilize my systems, or why I have it set up as I do. Lots of assumptions. in your responses here.

OK, maybe sarcasm isn’t the best word. How about snark. My question to you is *why did you feel the need to stop here and make any comment at all?". I think my frustration with Cubase is clear enough, which is why I logged this issue in the first place. I wasn’t asking for help, but you still chose to comment on all the ways you believe I am wrong. Was that necessary? Or even appropriate?

At least you’d have a choice. That’s all I’m asking for, not to take anything away from you or any other user, or make your lives miserable. But here you are admonishing me for wanting that choice that you don’t even want.

That’s fine, if that works for you. But what makes you think that solution is acceptable to me, or anyone else? Again, why are you trying to tell me how I should do things just because you don’t like me suggesting that I have the option to do it differently?

Every community has its share of unhelpful “drive by” people. +1

I shall try to be less presumptive, sarcastic and unhelpful in future.

Thanks for taking the time writing and explaining all of this.
And Ghent is indeed the most beautiful city of the world (I am born there and still live there. Quite a co-incidence …)

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No it isn’t.

You need to save energy? Turn your computer off.
Screensavers and power safe modes make most audio hardware instable, and this is crashing the software sometimes.
Nearly all audio and video software disables the power safe modes and the screen safer.

So why do you write it to the community?