Cubase Pro 12 - How do I activate a "Count-in" during a "Pre-roll"?

Am I being dense and missing a simple setting, or is there some reason why Cubase seems to automatically deactivate (and refuses to reactivate) the count-in function during a “pre-roll” for recording MIDI?
If I tick the “Click during Count-In” box in the Metronome Setup - it immediately deactivates the Pre-Roll, and vice versa - if I select Pre-Roll again and go back to the Metronome Setup, I find the “Click during Count-In” box has been deactivated.
For simplicity - I would like a click during pre-roll prior to starting my recording at the Left Locator point - why am I not able to select this functionality?
Is there a reason why Cubase does this that is escaping me?

This sounds correct to me. You can’t have both pre-roll and count-in active at the same time. They are mutually exclusive.
With Pre-roll active, Cubase starts playback x number of bars before the left locator and automatically engages record once playback reaches the left locator. Once the right locator is reached, record is automatically disengaged.
With Pre-count, playback and recording starts at the project cursor position after the metronome pre-count.

What is your expected behavior?

What I would like is for example let’s say I’m recording a solo in the middle of a piece which has a slow sustained section before I need to come in and I’d like to hear both the notes of the piece AND the tempo before coming in with my new recording.
This is what I’m not able to currently achieve and yet I’m sure it should be possible without going into the complexities of setting up one’s own click track. I’m sure Cubase has been able to do this for me in previous years.

In the scenario you describe, I would use Pre-roll and then just activate the metronome. You will get the pre-roll as wanted and metronome click.

I have to say though, setting up my own click tracks has proven a major benefit in workflow for me and is greatly appreciated by clients.
I’m linking to an older post that briefly describes the setup in case you’re curious.

Ok, thanks for your input @mlindeb I’ll look them up…