Cubase Pro 12, Kontakt 7, default file locations and best drive setup

hi guys. I just download Kontakt 7 player to check it out and download some of the free samples. I wanted to start getting familiar with it because I’m going to be purchasing some libraries from Spitfire and Cinesamples, both of which will use Kontakt 7 player. This is in Windows 10.

After I download and install the sample libraries from the Native Access software they don’t show up in Kontakt at all. I noticed that the bass sample libraries are placed by default in the /public/document folder. Is this correct?
What’s the default location for VST and sample libraries? Or is there no default?

Also what is the common thoughts on drive and where programs/applications vs VST and Cubase projects are best stored?

I noticed that the applications are stored where I would think they would be…on the OS drive in Program Files. Makes sense but what about VST and Cubase projects?

I have Cubase projects on it’s own drive. An SSD drive but what about the other things like VST/sample libraries? Wouldn’t the system perform better if it was all coming off the SDD drive…or should this stuff be on the OS drive with the applications?

I thought I understood this until I saw where the default locations are for some of this stuff being installed. Yikes.