Cubase Pro 12 software conflicts with FCP and OBS video software

I’m on a M1 Max Pro chip (macbook pro with 8tb SSD drive) and doing both audio and video production. So I noticed that Cubase has never been very happy running alongside Final Cut Pro. When I keep them both open together (which is often necessary during video production as I record the audio in Cubase or record audio corrections when editing in FCP), Cubase will glitch out and fail to record, or stutter in playback. The only ‘fix’ is restarting Cubase, which is a hassle, as this happens numerous times. The buffer settings in Cubase MAKE NO DIFFERENCE, as well as asio guard on high makes no difference. Furthermore, the machine isn’t even breaking a sweat, according the audio performance meter and Activity Monitor. So it’s a software problem.

I had expected that by now, a Cubase update would address and fix whatever problem this is. But this hasn’t happened. Maybe there aren’t a lot of ppl out there running Cubase with FCP? Or maybe there is something else triggering this problem on my system.

Last week I started recording Cubase output and screen with OBS, using Loopback to get the right channels ported into OBS, including webcam and room mic. Interestingly, Cubase is again glitching on me, even though the CPU is barely working to run the mix, and OBS is doing even less work that FCP does.

Specifically, Cubase output is occasionally ‘fuzzing out’ intermittently. I presume the audio is having digital drop outs; that’s what it sounds like. This only happens when OBS is up (and loopback is running) at the same time as Cubase it up. Very annoying as it prevents me from doing any reliable screen recording with Cubase, for tutorials, etc.

Anyone else have this problem? Any potential solutions out there? Thanks in advance…

I’m not on Mac but on Windows 11.
Loopback never really worked for me too.
I use the Reastream Plugin to make the link between Cubase 12 Pro and Obs it works perfectly
I don’t know if this plugin works on Mac

maybe there is a solution
a Plugin in Obs


Thank you! I’ll check these out !