Cubase Pro 12 some VST loops and sounds missing

I have the latest version of 12 all good. Except: some VST loops and sounds are missing. For example Klaghaus, Guitar Spheres, it states that they are registered and installed but they do not appear under the Media Bay. Did I miss a step somewhere? Appreciate the help thank you. Lusambo

Is there any error message appearing at Cubase launch, such as this one ?


Those are paid Loop Sets which are part of the VST Sound & Loop Collection, did you purchase a license for this?

All content that’s included for free with Cubase can be found by clicking the icon for your Cubase version in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you for that. I am just a bit confused as far as what loops and sounds come with Cubase Pro 12, I will double check. I have quite a few already set up like Blockbuster and Caleidoscope. These others like Klanghaus and Guitar Spheres are in my Library Manager as downloaded installed and registered somehow but they don’t come up as icons or in the media bay. I guess I haven’t purchased them, I will check the prices. Thank you for your help.

No errors come up, thanks for your help. I have an array of loops and sounds that come up in the media bay I just wondered about these others like Klaghaus and Guitar Spheres as they are according to the library manager downloaded installed and registered. But I guess they are not part of Cubase Pro 12, but rather libraries I need to purchase. I will check. Thank you.