Cubase Pro 12 - Stuck at "LOADING MIXCONSOLE" when opening any projects

Hello there,
since today when launching cubase pro 12 with any projects, it all freezes while loading the mixconsole…. im not sure why this is happening, since im only using legal software and products and my mac m1 is all clean and things are set up just as always.
My idea would be to open the project without 3rd party plugins - however i hope to find an alternative here that saves me all those many hours checking each vst.

Thanks in advance.



Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Hi, close Cubase 12 without saving. Launch again, select the bottom and your preferences will be deleted cannot be undone. Launch again, will be back to normal and reset your preferences. Hopes it help. All the best! Mine is ok so far.

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i mentioned in the text that i am using a mac m1

this didnt work unfortunately

i found the fix: i simply had to check my plugin managers like iLok etc and update these apps and then it worked again.

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