Cubase pro 12 stuck on Iniializing: VST Mixer

All the components are loaded in up till Initializing: VST Mixer and then it is stuck. Please help.

It’s probably down to a bad plugin. Can you start Cubase without any project loaded? Can you start Cubase in safe mode?

@mkok I can start cubase without any project. When I load in my project it hangs on my stereo out channel, thus I conclude that there is a plugin that is giving me a problem. Is there a way I can bypass the channel and get everything loaded in?

@mkok I managed to start in safe mode and took everything of my stereo out channel and saved my project. I closed everything and restarted my project as per normal and there it is everything is ok. I will check all my plugins and make sure the culprit is dealt with. Thank you for the tip of save mode. Regards

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Good to hear :+1: