Cubase Pro 12 uninstall

Hi All,
I’ve Just upgraded to Cubase Pro 13 today from Cubase Pro 12, my questions is would it be safe to now uninstall Cubase Pro 12 and will I loose anything from Cubase Pro 13?

You would be insane to remove 12 until you know that 13 works properly. It won’t do any harm to keep 12 on your system until then. I’m not upgrading to 13 yet. Waiting until the gung-ho types have dived in and found all the obvious bugs first! Ed

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Yes, but you gain very little storage space by doing so. Uninstalling the program does not remove included VST content

and as @Eddie_Stealth_Studio said, you should leave C12 installed for a while until you have used C13 and know there is no show-stopping problem for you.

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Okay I will leave C12 installed for now.
Thanks for your help.