Cubase Pro 12 with Omnisphere

Hello! This may not be an important thing, but I wanted to ask what actually changes the Record Enabled button on a MIDI track, other than the fact that you can immediately record notes. I’ll use the Omnisphere plug-in in the latest version as an example. When I have Record Enabled active on a new MIDI track on which I have Omnisphere loaded, the PEAK indicator often jumps to a red field when changing sounds. Only today I noticed that when I turn off record enabled on a track and change presets in Omisphere, nothing happens and PEAK does not light up red. I do not know what this is caused by ?

Hi, I do have the same experience with Omnisphere due to preview samples normalisation which occasionally exceeds the limit. I see it either by having recordArm enabled or not. In fact this got my tinnitus worse than ever at some point 3-4 years ago, and I still regret it to not have used a limiter, but I just couldn’t expect this bad experience with previewing.

I have encountered opinions that the sounds in Omnisphere are too loud. Regarding the PEAK indicator, the earlier version of Omnisphere, i.e. 2.8.5d, in my opinion, did better in this regard… There were not so many PEAK jumps to red. I approached Spectrasonics about this but they didn’t really know how to help me. I think this little problem is somewhere in Cubase. On other DAW programs this problem is not present. The simplest thing would be that the Record Enabled button doesn’t change anything other than the ability to record notes and nothing else. Without any effect on changing the sounds in the VST plug-ins.

Maybe they’re using internally a limiter which is a good thing the way I see it.

Take as an example previewing the preset “Wakandan War Rhino”, no matter whether you have arm enabled. Don’t you have a peak?

I loaded this sound with Preview and Record Enabled and Peak jumped to the red box. With Record Enabled off and Preview on - Peak didn’t even move.

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Interesting… Here it works exactly the same. Perhaps a more experienced user can shed some light here.

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I’m not sure about Record Enable, but I think the Monitor button disables ASIO Guard:

In any case, forcing real-time processing can disable some plugins that otherwise cause latency in the audio signal chain.

I’ve seen this occur regularly with dynamics plugins.

So I wonder, if something happens inside the Omnisphere fx chain (including its own limiter?) when it’s supposed to be in real-time mode?

One thing to to experiment with, might be to compare Omnisphere VST2 and VST3 behaviour? I’m not an expert on the differences, but there are several.


I tried the VST 2 and VST 3 versions in Omnisphere and there is no difference. Moreover, I have the impression that in some plug-ins the VST 3 versions need more computer resources. I will still try to see ASIO-Guard if it will make any difference with different settings of this parameter.

I just realized, maybe I’ve misunderstood your original post.

Are you talking about the audio peak indicator in the Omnisphere channel, or the VST performance peak indicator in Cubase?

VST performance peak in Cubase…

OK - that’s different from what I was guessing at before.

And I’ve been able to reproduce what you’re seeing.

I can even click on an already loaded patch again, and the VST Performance Peak Indicator goes to red.

However for me, it’s not all the time - just most of the time.

Interestingly enough, this doesn’t seem to happen with Keyscape which to the best of my knowledge uses quite a bit of the same Engine as Omnisphere.

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In Omnisphere 2.8.5d version, as I mentioned earlier, PEAK jumped to the red field very rarely… Maybe it is actually the fault of the last Omnisphere update and not Cubase… So I’m wondering if the latest version of Cubase changes anything in this regard?

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I also have a question about the colors in Omnisphere. I have noticed that, for example, when selecting any effect or other parameter, you can barely see the selected element. Something happened to the colors and I don’t know how to change it.