Cubase pro 12

I had cubase pro 10.5, I entered my account and saw that there was an upgrade for cubase pro 12, I downloaded it and it’s working fine, I want to know if this is a demo or what it is. I did not buy it

Then you are demoing it. Cubase installs each version into their own folders, so go ahead and demo and when it expires if you don’t want it, it is easy to uninstall, and it will uninstall cleanly.


It installs similarly on Mac, as I understand.

And if you decide to upgrade to 12 Pro, it’s only 199€ which is a fair price. And further yearly upgrades to newer versions are only 99€/year.

Keep in mind that Cubase 12 doesn’t use the dongle anymore. It uses account-based licenses instead. Saves you a usb port, which is a nice improvement.