Cubase Pro 13 - Absolute 6

Hello ! I own Cubase Pro 13 and I am looking at Absolute 6 because I was sent an email for Black Friday. Would anyone know whether there are duplicate libraries or not and whether it is worth it to buy Absolute 6 ?

Thank you very much.

The duplicates are Retrologue and Padshop.
You would get the big versions of Groove Agent and Halion, with Halion being a sound editing beast compared to Halion Sonic being “only” a playback instrument.
More libraries/sounds/agents for GA and Halion are also included, which I found very nice.

All other content is unique to Absolute 6.

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Thank you so much for the very fast answer. Sold !

I have Cubase 13 Pro and I’ve never owned Absolute. If I buy Absolute 6 do I need to get the Full Version or will the Crossgrade From… give me the same results?

You need the full version.

The crossgrades are there for products that you have bought seperately, not for those bundled with Cubase.

If you own a license to any of the listed products you can use the croosgrade option. Please note the remark about Cubase/Nuendo bundled items.

Good choice, I bought it because you save money, especially if your main purchase is Halion.