Cubase pro 13 audio tracks shows active display but can't be heard during playback

I have 2 identical audio recordings. One with a dynamic mic and the other with a condenser mic. All other tracks including the condenser mic track play back. The dynamic mic track shows good display levels during playback but no sound can be heard. I have tried Solo playback and muting and unmuting the track - no sound. Any solutions?


Make sure, the Monitor button is disabled, please. Verify the routing. Are there any plug-ins involved?

Thank you Martin. The Monitor button is disabled . During playback the track shows full display with the monitor button off and no display with the monitor button on. I’m a nube and just can’t figure why this is happening.

By the way there are no plugins. This is a dry recording for vocals.

Please post a screenshot displaying your audio routing for the condenser mic channel.

Hi Johnny,
I have posted a short video without audio and a few screenshots. Hope you’re able to open it.
Thank you


We would like to see the output of the non-working track screenshot. In the best case MixConsole, with the Routing tab expanded, please.

Sorry but none of that shows the audio routing of the channel. My guess would be that the track for the condensed mic is routed to something that is not sent to your speakers.
Please proceed as per Martin’s request.

Hi Martin,
Here is a video (no sound) and a screen shot.
Thank you.

Thank you

There’s no hidden track with Listen Mode engaged is there?

Not that I’m aware of.

Is Control Room disabled?

(Button with the round dial underneath “Inputs” needs to be switched inactive)

I believe the issue has been resolved.
I opened a new audio track, copied and pasted all the audio tracks (for comping) from the Dynamic Mic track .
Seems to work pretty good.
Not sure why the audio did not pay back on the other audio track with the dynamic track.
Thank you all for assisting.
Much appreciated.

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