Cubase Pro 13 Crashing at Media Bay Loading - Need Assistance

Hello Steinberg Community,

I’m encountering a persistent issue with Cubase Pro 13 and I’m reaching out for help. While Cubase Pro 12 works fine, Cubase Pro 13 consistently crashes during startup, specifically at the Media Bay loading phase. I’ve already sought help from Yamaha in Japan but haven’t found a solution yet.

Here’s a brief overview of the issue:

  • Cubase Pro 13 fails to launch, crashing at the Media Bay loading screen.
  • I have tried all suggested solutions available on Japanese forums and followed the advice provided by Yamaha.
  • Interestingly, when I switch to a different user account on my computer, Cubase Pro 13 starts up without any problems. This suggests that the issue might be tied to specific settings or configurations in my primary user account.

I’ve reached a point where I’m unsure of how to proceed and would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or solutions that you might have. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Any advice on troubleshooting this would be immensely helpful.

Thank you in advance for your support and guidance!

Best regards,

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Can you please trash the cubase 12 and 13 preferences folders to desktop and start 13 again which will create a new generic folder. IF it starts at least we can isolate that it’s in your user preferences

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For some Users including myself Mediabay installed via the DLA was corrupt . You could try downloading the latest version and installing manually , if on windows uninstall the media server and reinstall via the website instead of the DLA .
Also you need to make sure there’s no conflict with older Version 12 Vsti’s using media bay and that they are up to date

Steinberg MediaBay | Steinberg

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Thank you both. However, after trying both of the solutions you provided, Cubase still crashes and won’t start. I’m using a Mac with Sonoma, and I’ve noticed that Cubase starts when I switch accounts. Cubase Pro 12 launches without any issues, but only Cubase Pro 13 won’t start. What should I do?

There was an issue with special characters in path names. I’m not sure if it is already fixed.
Try to find it in the version history.

Is this resolved yet ?
Just upgraded from 12 finally and get hit with this.

Same here.
Cubase 13 crashes today 1 time loading one VST, and three times loading samples on Mediabay.

Have you deleted the Media Bay data base file then do a re-start? That file is located in the applications folder, and is in a different location than the data base file for C12.

I’m on Windows 10.

With C13, for me upon opening and directly going to Media Bay you will notice it’s doing an auto scan. I wish there was a way to turn auto-scan off, but there isn’t…ever since C8 or C9 when auto-scan was introduced. Sometimes for me just opening MedaBay right after Cubase is opened, or clicking on a folder in Media Bay will cause a complete freeze for a while. Not a crash. If I wait long enough, for example 60-120 seconds everything goes back to normal.

Then Media Bay will open instantly…until the next day assuming you turn off your PC.

Also fwiw, go to the SDA and automatically get the latest Media Bay update. Click on Info tab for the media bay version.