Cubase Pro 13 Graphics problem on Inserts in Mixer

Hey there,
Just encountered a weird graphics problem on Plugin Inserts in the Mixer.
I’m using Cubase 13 pro, and Windows 11.
It just happened and now the issue is in every project, not just the one I’m working on were and when it happened/started.

What happened was I was in an FX channel trying out different reverbs, switching between a few and all of a sudden this graphic error started.
The Insert on the Mixer shows just a black box with a line/strike down it.
I can no longer open the plugin from there…
BUT, if I go to the project page I can go to the track channel, or group channel or FX channel etc and access the insert on THAT channel and edit it and see it as normal.
But, in the mixer (opened up w/ F3) it has the error and I cannot get to it or edit it or even see, just the graphics error.
Anyone encounter this and have a fix?
Let me see if I can get some screenshots…


Please, make a screenshot and attach it.

Does it still happen, if you restart Cubase?

Hello yes, it’s been like this every day since it happened last week on all projects new and old.
How do I post a screenshot? I have them I just don’t know how to post them here…

The screenshots you provided are of the Channel Settings, not the mixer (or Mix Console).

At the bottom of your inserts rack in Channel Settings you have the tab “Routing” selected. Click on the “Inserts” tab to the left of that.


At the bottom left side, switch from the Routing to the Insert tab, please.

Is there an echo in here?

Is there an echo in here?


It looks like there is. Without distortion, now. :grin:

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LOL - f’n A! always something silly w these DAWS!
Must have accidently hit that…my mouse has been doing crazy things!
Thank you so much gang!