Cubase pro 6.5 to 8.0 easy install process? ....

Recently been getting ready to make some music for a change and wish to install the latest version of Cubase onto my dedicated Windows 7 64 bit music PC. Is this a case of just running the downloaded/purchased installer whilst 6.5 is installed.

I have an Activation code that came from the online shop email and wondered if I enter that during the install process or if it relates to the e-licenser. It has been a long while since I updated Cubase so an a little tentative about the process. I can connect my music PC to the internet no problems if this makes the process of the elicneser/install easier.

Will my synths and plug ins, prefs and hotkey files and locations will remain intact from 6.5 to 8.0

(and then the maintenance updates)



To Activate your upgrade, open eLCC application, and enter the Activation Code of the upgrade. The eLCC will check, you have Cubase 6.5 Activation on your USB-eLicenser, and upgrade your license to Cubase Pro 8.5 license.

THe installation is just matter of double-click. Everything is installed. Cubase Pro 8.5 is independent application, you you will end up with two different applications. Your personal Cubase 6.5 Preferences will be transfered to Cubase 8.5 during the very 1st launch of Cubase 8.5.

Cool thanks I will go 8.0 + maintenance upgrades. I think I just read that 8.5 is just a free 30 day trial for now and a separate upgrade I imagine beyond that. 8.0.xx will do for now.


If you didn’t activate your upgrade yet, you are in the Grace Period. So you can already download Cubase 8.5 and instal it. Your C8.0 will be upgraded to 8.5 for FREE within the Grace Period.

You should also update your eLC version (it should be to avoid any problems as you upgrade your Cubase.

Top notch advice thanks guys.

“DWM composition is not running please switch to an Aero theme.” When I double click the Cubase 8 icon. (32 bit installed)

I assume this means you need to have aero graphics in Windows 7 before it will run? Any ideas?
Ok that bit is sorted out and I have set this up in the control panel but now I am getting a “You can use this for 1day 1hr as you have not permanently activated your license.” message which I thought I was doing when I input the activation code as requested when I first ran the eLicenser.

I have opened the eLicenser again outside of Cubase 8 and it is updating the “licence database” for the second time, it did this when I initially ran it.

I am also performing maintenance tasks as per the suggestion from the eLicenser application.

I will see what happens.

Ok seems all ok now after running through that again.