CUBASE PRO 8.0.10 cannot open projects with TRIGGER 2

i have to try and find my answers here, recently i updated the latest maintenance update version 8.0.10 and now i cannot open any of my projects that have slate’s trigger 2… prior to this update i was able to open them, now i can open just the ones that don’t have trigger 2… does anyone know solution to this, should i reinstall cubase pro 8 again but without this new update…

Just tried it here - I’m still on 7.5 for various reasons but I have 8.0.10 installed. I opened a project with Trigger2 included and it works with no issues.

I’m run Windows 7. The project I tried was created in Cubase 7.5.30

If you’re on windows you can uninstall only the update. Tick show installed updates in add/remove programs.

I would also try Slate support in case they have seen this problem already.