Cubase Pro 8.0.5 waves plugins GUI-problems with CPUoverload

I have tried several Waves plugins that makes the CPU overload when hoovering the mouse over knobs. Using for example H-EQ the mouse pointer begins to flicker very fast when hoovering over a knob to change a value or if clicking and turning a knob. This cause a huge CPU-increase for some reason.

Can anyone confirm?


this behaviour might be due to different things and it’s not the first time it pops up.

Please, see my post here:

This is also an interesting, possibly useful, albeit long read: - there are some tips discussed, including changing the mouse behaviour which helped various users (

Most probably a GPU / software interaction, but these issues can be sometimes caused by performance. As a broader approach, please see my post here:

Waves is working fine for most Cubase users, so I’m pretty sure you can get this sorted. This means the thread does not belong in this sub-forum, I’ll move this thread to Issues -> Miscellaneous later on - you can also get more replies as posting there does not require approval.

Thanks a lot for those link. I will report back when I have testet this. I’m sorry I thought this was a general problem because I haven’t had any issues with this before upgrading to Cubase 8 Pro. But I have indeed have had some problems with my video card before (Im on a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop) so the combination of Cubase 8 and my video card.

Thanks again for this update!

Best Regards

Hans Chr.

No need to apologise! If you are running a laptop, there are a couple interesting points about Optimus Technology and hybrid setups (i.e. nVidia / Intel) that might help in the thread about laggy meters, which is the last link I posted above.