Cubase Pro 8.0.5 Yosemite 10.10.2 Crashes


Have the latest updates for Yosemite and Cubase Pro 8.

My issue is Cubase crashes consistently all the time at the initialization stage.

Can’t get as far as creating a project: On one or two rare occasions, when I actually get to the “create new project” or “open project” or “open from template” stage, as soon as I click the appropriate button, Cubase crashes. All the time. This has rendered Cubase useless to me.

Cubase was working fine with Mavericks. As soon as I saw the announcement that Cubase was now compatible with Yosemite, I updated.

Downgrading is not an option. Logic, Ableton, Bitwig, & Reason all work fine on the same system. In the past I have always had the most problems dealing with updates from Steinberg for Cubase.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Are you running Default Folder X?

Yes. And when I disable it suddenly Cubase comes back to life. What the…? I would have never guessed. i wonder if this program has been a problem in the past too and maybe the culprit for other unrelated crashes?

Thanks very much! :smiley:


I’ve been working with the developer for a couple of days and I believe he has finally nailed it. This has been an issue with DFX for well over a month. Expect a new build shortly.

In the meantime, keep DFX active but exclude Cubase 8 (and 7.5) from DFX’s Settings/Advanced/Exclusion list so you can get an auto update notification.