Cubase Pro 8.5 Chords Track make GUI jerky

Hello :slight_smile:

Since I upgraded to Cubase Pro 8.5, all my projects with chords track visible are more sluggish than Cubase 8 (and older) :frowning:

Fewer chords = less sluggish | More chords = more sluggish.
Everything slow and choppy … but only when chords track and symbols are present.

I made a little video to show the problem : Cubase Pro 8 5 Chords Sluggish (60 FPS)

My Computer Specs :

Cubase Pro 8.5.0 64 bits & Cubase Pro 8.0.30 64 bits
Core 2 Quad Q6600 (3GHz)
GTX 670 (last drivers)
8 Go Ram
Cubase on SSD | Samples on HDD
Windows 10 (up to date)

How to reproduce :

  1. Open a medium or large project (work with small ones but less noticeable).
  2. Add an chords track with chords in it.
    → Result = Jerkiness


Updated to Cubase Pro 8.5.10 >>> SAME PROBLEM. NO CHANGE. :frowning:

Do you install windows updates on regular basis?

Yes: all/everything up to date, unencumbered system environment.

P.S. - Also, Windows 10 makes it pretty difficult to “not” be up-to-date. :wink: