Cubase pro 8.5 educational version limitations

I want to know if there are any limitation or unsatisfactory output related to exucational version. Like printing scores with edu tag or like producing less power in the final output etc…

LOL your examples are funny. No, identical software and also updatable. The licence is educational not the software!

in autodesk autocad software the educational version will print on 4 sides of the paper. and reduce the sheet size as well.
so it could be same here. did you try to print scores?

autodesk autocad is not Cubase.
The limitations fpr Cubase edu-versions are:
Productions done with edu versions may not be used commercially, or be sold. And your license is personalized and therefore can not be sold as long as it is an educational license.
Other than that there are no technical limitations.


by the way, if I make music on my edu , can I open it on other computers?
the production cant be used for commercial use; this means its not legal? can I export the audio to CD?