Cubase Pro 8.5 - How Stable is it?

are you able to create all of your songs without losing any of your work and do features work?

  • Yes and yes every feature works as advertised
  • Not able to finish all projects bc crashing, but features work as advertised
  • Yes, can finish my projects, but some features do not work like expected

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Hi there,

First let me start by telling you that I have bought 2 official Cubase licenses in the past

Having spent thousands of euros on this software I had to wait for four years of Steinberg updates before it even started to work reliably on any system installed on

I know they ( Steiny ) finally got the Cubase working reliably before Cubase v. 7

But since then they made a major core changes in the code such as changing the graphical interface

I’m asking how stable is the Cubase Pro 8.5 - and are you able to create all of your songs without losing any of your work on it and also do all of the features that are advertised work as advertised?

I use it every day. Yes it crashes sometimes but the cause is usually a 3rd party plugin or a non Steinberg specific problem. It crashes no more or no less than ProTools on PC or Mac in that regard. I use both on both platforms. Its as stable as its ever been on 8.5.2

Yeah I’d go with that. Most stable version for me.

I agree, third party plugs are the biggest source of instability. Cubase 8.5.20 has been the most stable I have ever used. I find that occasionally things go a bit awry and I have to restart, but I am not getting freezes which risk losing work. I can’t remember when that last happened.

There are oddities. I have a weirdness for example where very occasionally I find inserting plugs or setting up sends just stops working, but Save, Quit and Restart clears it.

I find generally if something doesn’t work for me, it’s user error rather than by design.

Stable… as a piece of complicated software as this can get IMO :wink:

Very stable here! Needs work in some areas of the program itself but it’s stable as hell for me, with very gigantic sessions.

I think it is highly dependent on the hardware & software (including 3rd party plugs) environment you are running it on. I’m running on a PC that was custom built as a DAW and Cubase is very stable for me (knock on wood of course).

Thank you everyone