Cubase pro 8 and crackling

Hey. ive got an issue I need hlep with

Firstly here is my system

Brand new purpose built tower with

Intel i5 quad core 4 ghz processor
250 gb ssd
2 tb hd
16 gb ram

windows 7
focusrite scarlett 18i18 audio interface

I have just downloaded and installed EZdrummer2. When its running in Cubase there is erratic cracking occuring. I am only running 2 audio tracks at the moment plus the EZ drummer track. When I turn the ezdrummer track off the crackong almost dissapears…it is there just a whole lot less. When I use groove agenmt instead the crackling is also less

I dont run norton on my system. I do have advanced system care pro for anti virus etc but shut down internet explorer when running cubase

This is a brand new computer and it runs nice and fast. Any help would be appreciated



New Zealand

Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having some problems.

Have you tried increasing the buffer size? To do this, open Cubase and then go to Devices > Device Setup > click on the Scarlett driver under ‘VST Audio System’ on the left hand side then select ‘Control Panel’. Does increasing the buffer size result in cleaner audio? The lower the buffer size the greater the strain on your CPU, increasing it essentially frees up resources.

If the issue persists please feel free to contact our support team directly:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

yup, ive tried increasing the buffer size upto 50 miliseconds of latency … no effect. I have turned off all antivirus, auto updates and disabled internet also thinking it maybe somthing to do with the operating system etc.

I would turn off the power for all vst instruments and turn the volume of your project way up and see if the noise is still there.

If it is still noisey it’s probably an audio card issue, however that could be driven by a project sample rate mismatch to audio card setting, a loose cable to audio card, your latency settings are to aggressive for your cpu, your audio drivers need to be re-installed…sort through those items and let us know…

Are you sure that you have registrered your the plugins you use? Some have a nasty crackling when left unregistered.

Hey, Thanks for the replies so far guys.

I am runnning a focusrite scarlett 18i8 usb DAC interface. I have upgraded the firmware and software for it. I dont have an audio card as such so I dint see that as being relevant…or am I wrong?

I have all the EZdrummer settings to run through the ASIO driver. Ill change the other things and see what happens



Sorry to hear that you’re still having the problem (the Scarlett 18i8 is your audio card in your setup).

Pops/clicks can be caused by a large number of factors. I would advise trying the steps in this guide to optimise your Windows 7 PC for audio:

If you still get pops/clicks after this, it could be a DPC latency issue - you can check that using this software tool:

Simply run the tool while playing audio out through your 18i8. If you’re getting yellow/red spikes in the graph then your system may be struggling with DPC latency. DPC is the protocol that Windows uses to assign priority to drivers and devices connected to your computer. If ‘Audio’ isn’t assigned enough priority, various issues can occur. These can include pops/clicks, ‘glitchy’ audio and device disconnections.

To counter this, I would advise ensuring that your version of Windows is fully up to date by going to Start > Programs > Windows Update > Check for updates. If you install all updates, does this have any impact on the problem?

If your issues persist please feel free to contact us directly here:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

Just out of interest what is your Video/Graphics card? If it is NVidia what driver are you currently using. I upgraded my NVidia drivers and had the same problem and had to revert back to an older driver to solve it. I am on windows 7 64 bit with only 4 gig of ram and Cubase 8 works perfectly.

Awesome replies. I’ve been through the windows 7 optimisations setting and done all of that. Then I’ve run the latency checker. The results of which show absolute max of 1799 but running as low as 200. Oh, I’m running 64 bit system by the way

The crackles and pops seem to have disappeared but are on one of the audio tracks from the recording I first made. I’m going to re record it and see if its in the wav file on the track as it now appears to have gone from the system.

Ill post back once Ive re recorded the Bass part

hmmm. crackling stll there. graphics I believe is onboard as it comes up as intel grpahics. ( I am running 2 separate monitors at the mo. there is a hdmi output, vga and also another video output…rectangular with weird pin configuration.

That would be DVI. Digital video was the precursor to HDMI.

I get the same problems here with a very similar setup, had it on Win 7 and now on Win10. Also running two monitors.

It’s also using onboard graphics (Intel HD 4600), and I’m pretty sure it’s that causing the issues, even with the new drivers installed.

Just a thought, have you tried disabling the HDMI audio stream? Having a monitor hooked up through HDMI might also cause the HDMI audio to interfere with the ASIO driver…

Good luck!