Cubase Pro 8 and MOTU

I have Cubase Pro 8 and I have sound card with PCI424 MOTU MOTU 2408mk3, and now added the MOTU 24i / o. The card software detects all inputs and outputs of both extensions but only Cubase detects the 2408mk3. I need all entries to send several Cubase sound samples and synthesizers. How I can solve my problem?

In Cubase after you set the ASIO driver to the MOTU, then go to Devices, VST Connections, and assign the possible output from there. If you do not see the additional MOTU outputs, I would suggest contacting MOTU to verify the ASIO driver is up to date.

Make sure to start the Motu Audio Console first and activate all channels you need there. Else, Cubase can’t see them.

Hago un proyecto y despues de cerrarlo ya no se abre. Da un error de windows y cierra el programa. Tengo Windows 8.1 Pro y Cubase ultima versión 8.5.10. Cómo lo soluciono?

No :mrgreen: (note: I really do not know whats said, but the answer still is No)

In English (Google translate):

I do a project and after closing no longer opens. Windows gives an error and closes the program. I have Windows 8.1 Pro and Cubase latest version 8.5.10. How do I solve it?

Try top change the asio driver and shutdown cubase again, now load the project again and if lucky it will ask you which ASIO driver you want to use, choose the one that will help you start Cubase in a stable manner.