cubase pro 8 and ur 824

I have trouble to setup my ur 824 and cubase 8. I cannot use my mic to record any audio sound. Any subjection. I already set up the device set up and choose ur 824 driver and vst connection I already add mono input one for my mic. However, I think i set up everything correctly, but there was no suound. I used mic st 59 with ur 824 in cubase pro 8. Thank you.

  1. Are you turning on the MONITOR button on the audio track so you can hear what your doing?
  2. Do you have the GAIN turned up a descent amount on the UR824?

Hi there

Couple of questions:

  1. Are you seeing signal on the input of the UR

  2. Have you got the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup

  3. Have you setup VST Connections correctly

  4. Do you have the correct input chosen on the track you are using

  5. Do you have the little orange monitor button enabled on the track

One other thing, check on the Direct Monitoring tick box in device setup, I have noticed on occasions that it wasn’t enabled by default

Hope this helps

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