Cubase Pro 8 Blues :( !

Hello… my name is Johnny Hansen. I live in Norway and been with Cubase full time since the Cubase 6 release, but I’m new to this forum.

The problem I have is as following:

  • Some weeks ago I decided to upgrade to Cubase Pro 8. The upgrade went fine and the software ran as a dream on my computer. I was very exited when I sat down the next day and tried to turn on my computer… and then… nothing! Now I’ve verified that my motherboart has died :frowning: !

  • So now I’m putting away money to buy a new computer, but I realize that this will take some time… maybe a couple of months. In the meantime I am forced to use an older computer whit Windows Vista for my music work. With my Steinberg CC121 (or was it my Steinberg MR816CSX… i don’t remember) was a version of Cubase AI 4. I’ve been using Cubase 6.5 and AI 4 does not really satisfy me.

I notice when I upgraded from 6.5 to Pro 8 that the license on my eLicenser changed … but that was what I expected! But, as I said, the computer I run now runs Windows Vista and, as I understand, is not supported by Pro 8! I notice that some people have it installed on Vista, but that it is causing more problems as is desired!

So… is the a way to run an older version of the full version of Cubase, with Vista and my current version registered in my eLicenser, until my new computer arrives?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: !

AFAIK your Pro 8 license allows you to use any previous version of Cubase.
Installers for old versions must be at Steinberg’s FTP


Ah… nice! I’ll try that :slight_smile: ! Thank you very much jconstantin :slight_smile: !

…unfortunately… i can not find any installers on the ftp server :frowning: ! …only updates that require a preinstalled version on my harddrive :frowning: !

Have you tried calling Steinberg support and asking them for the files?

Yes, I have :slight_smile: ! I sent them a email 18 hours ago… guess it takes a couple of days before I hear something from them.