Cubase pro 8 close itself on a good session

Hi I’ve try everything, re-install cubase, run CCCleaner, restart…nothing is working
Start Cubase pro 8.0.40 = load ok
Choose in Steinberg Hub, a session who was working 2 dans ago.
Loading keep going until the arrange page and the mixer are open BUT after a few second arrive a warning who’s telling me that Cubase is closing the app.
I try another session( a bit older) same issue
Template are OK because they’re empty

Any ideas

This is on a Windows Pc


Are you using any 3rd party plugins in this project?

Is this the only two projects this is happening in?

Are you running Cubase in 64 bit?

If yes, are all of the plugins you are using 64 bit?

What version of Windows are you running?

Hi Jeff
Running 64 bits on Windows 10
Yes third party plugins
I’m going back to the PC now to check other ideas like to disable all third party plugins

Hi JEFF I’m in front of the PC
Impossible to get access to the plugin manager because C8 close itself immediately

NI have a snapshot of a session with the warning in French plus the las CrashDimp

How do I send my .dmp

I hate windows