Cubase Pro 8 - CMC AI Jog Mode

I posted this in the hardware section, so let’s see if I have more luck here. I have both Cubase pro 8 and the cmc-ai controller. Is there a way to adjust the value of each tick on the jog knob? Currently, each clockwise tick advances the cursor from to, which is not very helpful for locating specific measures/beats. For instance, to would make a lot more sense. There seems to be no way to affect this function in the device setup within cubase.

Thank you!


I would expect, the Size of the step depends on the speed, how Fast do you rotate. And I’m afraid, there is no way, how to adjust the sensitivity.

That’s what I thought, unfortunately. The jog knob rotates in discreet ticks, and I just wish each tick would snap the cursor to the underlying grid. Oh, well… The cmc-ai is still useful for controlling other parameters, like mixing levels.

you know what sucks even more?

You set it up as MCU controller in logic, ableton, bitwig or studio one and voila you have a controller that moves exactly in ticks of a bar. Super useful right?

So only in Cubase does the AI jump in increments of an arbitrary amount. It feels as if Steinberg intended it to be used as a jog for any other DAW BUT Cubase.

I love using it as a jog for other DAWs. Cubase, not so much.

Are there other jogs that will snap to the grid in Cubase?

You could use Nudge function, where you can set the step size.

I came up with a workaround: the F1 & F2 buttons on my CMC-AI are now nudge cursor left/right. It works for me ergonomically, too. I can scroll the jog with my thumb and nudge with my first two fingers.