Cubase Pro 8 Download Issue [SOLVED]

I bought Cubase 8 Pro twelve days ago. Since then I always failed to download the big 9.1 GB .zip file.

I tried many browsers, then I tried many download managers.

The best result was the 99% using free download manager but despite numerous tentatives I never get 100%. At some point the connection works but seems that the file isn’there on the server any more ???

I tried FlashGet then Internet Download Manager then Jdownloader and last the comman line manager Wget.

The download stucks at various points sometimes at 12 % other times at 60% or 85% or at 90%.

Using Wget the speed is faster (1.6 Mb/s) but the download ALWAYS hungs at 12% saying
connection closed at byte 1.233.670.054 and failing to reconnect.

Nothing worked. I wrote to Steinberg support but no anwser.

Has someone had the same issue? Can some one help me?


Hi guidomaschio,

I’ve sent you a couple of download links you can try per PM. Let me know if those worked.


Thanks. This morning I tried th official download link with another download manager (Download Accelerator Plus) and -despite the fact that the download still stopped at 60% - things seemed to go better because the download speed was constantly at 1,6 MB/s. Now I’ll try both your links and the original one (separately, not together) and I’ll let you know. Than you very much

I don’t know if it’s the free downloader I choose (DAP) or if something has changed in my connection (after more than 1 week of fruitless attempts?) but today I was able to download both the standard download and the iso you provided me.
Problem solved. Thank you very much Luis.

Having the same issue trying to download Cubase 8 artist / osx. Luis, Any way you could send me the same kind of link(S)?


Having the same issue here myself…
I want to install the FULL version not the update, am trying to download from the my steinberg area and my download keeps stopping at 7.5GB… any chance of a link please?

Just sorted it… managed to use IE instead of firefox although it did pause the download at 7.5GB again… strange! i was able to resume the download though.

Luis, can you help me too with the links?

Please, help me Luis Dongo, same download problem here, always stops at 1,16gb.

Please, help me Luis Dongo, same download problem here, always stops at 1,16gb.

Same issue for me with Cubase Pro 8.5, I created a thread about it but haven’t received a reply, please help.