Cubase Pro 8 installs to C drive despite other setting


I’m new to Cubase and after being granted a licence to Cubase 8 as part of the grace period, I just tried installing Cubase Pro 8 to my PC (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit) from the download link provided on theSteinberg site. Note that I had not previously installed Cubase 7.5 to this PC.

As I only have 12GB free space on my C: drive (where Windows 7 is installed) I specified an alternate drive (D:) with more than enough space and created and browsed to the “D:Steinberg\Cubase” sub-directory for the install. Unfortunately, although about 512MB of the install goes to the specified D: drive sub-directory, the majority of the install instead fills up the C: drive and runs out of space with an error message that it cannot install! I haven’t yet been able to locate where all of these files have been stored on the C: drive but the install was the only thing I did so that must have caused it to fill up.

Thinking I may have made a mistake I uninstalled all the Steinberg programs again, emptied the recycle bin and checked the free space and re-tried the install to the specified folder on the D: drive with the same result. I’ve attached a copy of the Windows list of installed Steinberg products to show what was installed. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the install location.

It appears that almost all (but not quite as I received an error message during the install indicating lack of space on the C: drive) of the software was installed but I’m not satisfied as now I have no space on my C: drive. I expected that the software would mainly install at the location specified (with the exception of the shortcuts), not >90% of it to the C: drive. This therefore appears to be a bug in the installer.

Please help :cry:

Cubase 8 Installed Program Details.PNG

The majority of stuff might be content, which has designated install directories, e.g. files in “Documents”. Even though Cubase is an extensive application, space is generally used more by content, e.g. VST Sound.

I have never tried, but you may be able to move the content and have rescan in MediaBay?

Also, when you create a project, select a project location not under “C:”.