Cubase Pro 8 upgrade from Artist 6.5

Please forgive my naivety but I am new to this site - just desperate for some help!
Upgraded from Boxed version of cubase artist 6.5 to the download upgrade of cubase 8.
Problems arise as soon as I launch a new project - i get this notice:
The plug-in Halion sonic could not be found for instrument track (Drums for example) Actually all the instrument tracks!
It also mentions missing ports
Digital audio(S/pdif)high1
high2 out unmapped
it also says cubase cannot locate reverb impulse response file.
I click on the keyboard icon on the track panel – Halion appears on the inspector panel, I click on the small keyboard icon, another box appears that says halion sonic at the top ,no parameters available.
If i go to the downward arrow on the top right corner on this box, and click “load preset” the results show nothing! I get presets in the spector mode for example - ana strings, anologue voice.
Someone on this site had a similar problem a few years ago - got it solved but never posted how! Please can anyone help?