Cubase Pro 8 with OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.5.)

the info tells me, you need osx 10.9.
anybody know if its also working with 10.8. ? i really dont want to upgrade to the new osx right now.
thanks and cheers

I need to know also.

I backed up and am trying to install it, but its hanging on “preparing cubase 8” - my computer has been doing this for some reason at time recently so don’t think its due to cubase.

just bought it an installed it. unbelievable. no problems (except it crashed the first time because it started automatically in 64bit mode, but thats the same with cubase 7.5, which i always run in 32bit mode). everything seems to work fine atm. seems to good to be true. “render in place” is god sent. thanks steinberg or god or whoever!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So you mean it won’t work in 64bit mode?
Please keep us informed on how it goes for - i too am not willing to upgrade OSX.

I’m using it on 64-bit Mountain Lion 10.8.5 since yesterday. No problems with anything. All the 7.5.30 sessions work. Every setting, presets, shortcuts, everything got imported automatically. Only had to setup the new workspaces. Honestly awesome, thanks Steinberg!

On a sidenote, does anyone know if there’s a reason I should upgrade to Mavericks or Yosemite? Don’t plan on doing it, just wondering.

64bit never worked with my system, so i never used it. cubase (any version) usually crashes when starting in 64bit. i use also UAD, i always thought that this is the reason why it is not working. do you use UAD??

I do use UAD, it has some minor problems with my Cubase 7.5, but 64bit always worked fine.
Guess i’ll try new Cubase on my 10.8.4 and see what happens… new features are hard to resist.

Maveric is the first OS on MAC that allows full memory access. The previous OS reserved a part of the memory to “unforseen and sudden memory requests”. So if there is nothing else preventing you, you should upgrade to Maverick. Yosemite depends on your storage of plugins and their compatibility. Maveric is safer in that repsect since it is older and many companies have released updates. However; I always loose some old “pluggin friends” that is not supported into a new OS.

Ok, Hackintosh 10.8.4 here. Officially not supported.

  • Installed with no problems.
  • All preferences, key commands, workspaces, plugin information, everything automatically migrated from 7.5. Very thankful for that.
  • Opened pretty large project i’ve been working on in 7.5 - no issues.
  • Without ASIO Guard no significant CPU usage changes. With ASIO Guard performance is incredibly increased. Spikes are 2 times lower than Average load. It used to be the other way around.
  • Quickly opened many plugins, everything seems to work the same way.
  • Some plugin issues gone (SlateVCC no longer hangs, NI plugins don’t crash host upon closing)
  • Some plugin issues stayed (Play still uses tremendous amounts of CPU on any Legato patch, UAD plugins still stop working when disabled for a long time)
  • Cubase still crashed when closed, just like it did to me.

So it works, it didn’t get worse and i have new features i’ve longed for. Quite happy about that! :slight_smile:

Gonna work on C8 now and what’s revealed with time.)

Has any one been able to install Cubase Pro 8 on OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard?

Success here with Cubase 8 on Mac OS 10.8.5.

It seems the audio engine is far more effective compared to Cubase 7.5. I can set the buffer to 32 samples and still play some quite heavy Kontakt patches, whereas 128 samples was as low as I could go with Cubase 7.5. I have not tested this with a scientific approach, but still it’s a testament to a great improvement.

As a sidenote, Tempo Detection from MIDI is my favorite among the new features. Also overall better visibility is very welcome.

Great update!

Oh, I wish I didn’t made the upgrade from Snow Leopard to the stable Mountain Lion a while back. It killed some of my favorite plugs. I get nostalgia and tears in my eyes when I see someone still is on Snow Leopard: Best MAC OS ever!

However Cubase 8 runs perfectly on Mountain Lion here. In fact it seems to be the least troublesome Cubase installation ever!

I have some issues on some of the changes, especially one of them that will drag down workflow by several leagues. I will start a poll on that to hope for support and the Steinberg team to change in an update.

Wow, changing from 64 bit to 32 bit allowed me to finally open Cubase Pro 8. It kept crashing every time I tried to open it. I tried deleting the preferences, but it still crashed. I don’t have any UAD plugins or hardware either. I wonder why 64 bit is not working for some of us.

I’m on Mountain Lion 10.8.5 also. It would be nice to be able to use 64 bit mode. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

works brilliantly. 64 bit

Been thinking of finally moving away from Logic since LPX 10.1 broke 10.8.5 compatibilty :-/

Just wondering how you Mountain Lion guys above are still getting on with Cubase 8 on 10.8. Stability, issues etc…

Anyone running Cubase 8 and Mountain Lion on a Macbook Pro alright?

I’d demo it, but there is still no demo! :-/


Running CB8 perfectly under Mountain Lion on a MAC Pro, not Macbook Pro though. Occational crashes, but that is caused by other plugs than CB itself.

Running Cubase 8.05 on 10.8.5… So far, so good on my end. Only thing I found that was giving some problem was that my instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro server kept crashing when loading it through the Cubase session… I ended up having to manually load the VEP instances first, and then allow Cubase to connect to the server instances.

Check out a screenshots of the VST performance of the same session in v7 and v8. Same track was selected in both sessions, buffer size was 2048, ASIO Guard engaged (high on v8).

So far, so good!
Cubase 7 - VST performance.jpg
Cubase 8 - VST performance.jpg

Vienna server crashes were addressed in the recent update. All’s working as advertised!

It works fine on 10.8.5 (Cubase 8.0) in both 32 and 64 mode. I havent noticed any specific problem regarding the my current OS compatibility. BUT when I have tried to update to 8.5 it started not seeing the 32 bit plugins. I start up Cubase in 32 mode then switched it back to 64, no result, it didnt see the 32 bit plugins.

I have OS 10.10.1 on my external hard drive, on that OS it sees the 32 bit plugins.

p.s Thank you for letting us install C8 on 10.8.5. The Yosemite is horrible!

Did anybody try to instal 8.0.10 update on OSX Mountain Lion??? If yes, how it works and doest it recognize the 32bit plugins? :confused: