CUBASE PRO 9.5.3 - Halion CTD


I am running Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10 with UR242 audio interface (latest drivers and firmware). All is stable up to an including version 9.5.21. After installing 9.5.3 it is impossible to use Halion 6 (or any other version of Halion - including SE) without causing a Crash to Desktop as soon as a note is played (note appears to be stuck in a loop, program freezes and then CTD. This occurs irrespective of what instrument is loaded in one of Halion’s slots. I have now rolled back to the earlier stable version. Looking at other forum posts, this may have something to do with CR settings … but whatever the problem is, it is lethally compromising the functionality of Cubase (if you use Halion) as I do. The process to test if this can be replicated is simple: 1. Open a new project. 2. Add an instrument track. 3. Load Halion (or any related VST). 4. Press and hold note.


Make sure the latest HALion update is installed, please.

Share the crash dump file located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps, please.

Unfortunately, the CTD has not resulted in any crash dump files with dates matching recent events. The most recent is 10 December 2017 - well before the release of 9.5.3. The problem described above is instantaneous - and may be too fast even to allow a crash dump file to be saved.

Do you have the very latest HALion 6 update installed, please?

Yes, the latest Halion 6 is installed. As mentioned in my first post, the CTD is also caused by other versions of Halion (Sonic 3 and SE).