Cubase Pro 9.5 boxed media

Hello guys! :slight_smile:
I’m on the Steinberg Shop site to buy the upgrade from Cubase Pro 9, to 9.5. So, there is an option to buy a box with DVDs for 7.99 EUR.
Is this box contains the full installer for Cubase Pro 9.5, or it’s just boxed upgrade DVD?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

It says it is a ‘media pack’ I expect that is the choice to buy the extra media if wanted. What the media pack actually is I don’t know.

I never thought it could be the install discs for Cubase pro/artist 9.5 , it makes sense if that is what it is.

I am extremely sorry I got pulled into purchasing the supposedly priced Media Pack…$7.99 quickly turned into just under $23.00 after they added shipping!

I got taken to the cleaners on this, which will be more or less some loops and such. Yes, I’d pay the $7.99 for them, but I would not have paid for the shipping. I should have backed out right then, but I let it slide.

My error.


Ha. Don’t feel bad… I figured the same thing

Good news!

They refunded my money just as quick as I paid them.

Good Job!!