Cubase Pro 9.5 & Korg NanoKontrol2 - It's Playing Notes!

Hi - I currently have Cubase Pro 9.5 (will upgrade to 10 in a little while). I’m sure my problem is applicable to almost any version in the last few years, so I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post it. But anyway, I successfully configured my Korg NanoKontrol2 as a control surface for the mixer. However, the darn thing plays the notes of whatever VST or MIDI instrument that is active when I use it! I’ve done searches and it looks like I need to set it to “cc only” instead of “All MIDI”, but I can’t seem to find where to do that. I dialed up Studio Setup but couldn’t find anything like that in there. Can anyone steer me what I need to update and where it is?

thanks in advance!


I’m which mode the nanokontrol is? I’d you use Mackie Control emulation, make sure the MIDI port is removed from the MIDI devices in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Setup.

Yes, Mackie Control. The MIDI parameter is called “MIDI Port Setup” - In there, there was an “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’” column (because the column was defaulted to half it’s width, much of the label wasn’t visible). Unchecking this for the nanoKONTROL2 did the trick!! Thank you!!

I found I had to keep the “Visible” box for both In and out for the NanoKontrol 2 checked, or the device wouldn’t work at all (yes, that makes sense!).

If someone else with a similar problem stumbles across this thread, hopefully it will help them!

Thanks again, Martin!

Indeed, Jeff. I had same problem as you and this fixed the problem. Thank you for the precise information on where to uncheck the check-mark, it fixed it!

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