Cubase Pro 9.5 no longer loading

Hi all,

been using Cubase Pro 9.5 on a project for the past few months. Needed to make a new export yesterday. Cubase starts but the initial screen is missing the right hand side and I can’t open the project. Closing the start screen from windows, I can access the cubase menus but when I load the project, I just get a blank white background.

I’ve attached the screenshot.

No new vsts installed, running on Win 10. I downloaded the latest cubase patch and installed but same behavior.

Luckily I’ll be able to splice two pieces of audio together in Premier Pro and make my delivery date for Thursday.

I haven’t bothered contacting Steinberg support as the last time I had a serious problem with the dongle, I got a reply back after I think it was 2 months.



Try to trash Cubase preferences, please.

Turns out the problem was the NVidia GPU driver getting an update which reset all the preferences and switched Cubase to use the GPU rather than integrated graphics. All working.

Note: the problem isn’t a Cubase one, After FX and PremierPro also don’t work with the GPU.