Cubase Pro 9.5 OR Cubase Elements 9.5

Good Day
I would like to get some advice on which package to get, this is for a small home setup and only as a hobby for now.
I will only be recording one electric guitar and adding in the drums, bass guitar and other VST’s and synthesizers.
I am familiar with Cubase SX 3 I think it was, about 10 years ago on which my Sound Engineering Diploma was based on.

Thank you

I would give the Elements trial a go. I will probably suit your needs for a while. If you decide to buy it and and you want to upgrade later, the price to upgrade to Pro is less by almost exactly the amount you spend on Elements. I don’t know anything about SX and what type of dongle it used so you probably want to look into that. If the dongle is the same, you can trial Pro without money spending money.

Do you have any Steinberg hardware like UR series interface or anything which comes with the Cubase AI version (v. 6 is the oldest you can use)? There is a special Cubase AI to Artist upgrade available which gives you the Cubase Artist for about 150 EUR. I think the Artist is good enough for many people who actually choose the Pro version which has features not needed for basic tracking.

My concern is having any limitations to plug-ins, synthesizers or virtual instruments on the software, any advice on that?
I’ve purchased the PHONIC Celeus 100 5 Channel Mixer which is my “coupling” to my laptop.

I don’t think there are any limitations on 3rd party plugins or hardware. Of course, the limitations on NUMBER of instruments, tracks, inputs, etc., could apply. Why not download the trial and test it out with all your gear? The Elements trial doesn’t require a USB dongle.

I will try the trial versions, thanks for everyone’s input.