Cubase Pro 9.5 through a Yamaha TF5

hi Folks,

Just looking for people who may be using Cubase with the Yamaha TF5 digital desk. I understand the TF5 ships with Cubase Ai so there must be some DAW control and operation. But with Cubase Pro you’re not limited to 32 I/O

anyways I would love to. hear feedback from people who have or are using this setup and what they think of the TF5


I have used Cubase Pro 9.5 to record live with a CL5 via Dante Virtual Soundcard a number of times and the whole thing works flawlessly. 62 channels on the last one. The only issue we had was that the second computer (a mac running Logic 10) was not stable. It was giving us serious networking grief, I called “da boys” and they went through it over the phone with me. We were all stumped. Anyway, the mac glitched the network once which stopped my machine (It lost connection to the network because of the other machine). We lost that song but I hit record again and it fired right up and finished the show without another issue. What is happening in my case is the computer is taking the inputs directly off of the mic pres. The console is sending control data (gain, phantom and phase(?) settings) to the mic pres. Many of us call it the snake head but it is actually the console’s mic pres. The “snake” in this case is actually the network cables connecting the console to the stage rack which are where the mic pres are physically located. Remember it is a digital world with Dante the mic pres (AKA talkers) can be located anywhere on the network and be set to any “listener” on the network. So numerous DAW’s if you like. Something else to realize with Dante is that it doesn’t care how many physical connections there are or what brand they are. Let’s say you have a few 2 channel Motu units plus some 8 channel Yamaha’s and whatever. So long as you can send control data to the mic pres the actual signal data can be sent literally anywhere. Don’t forget about latency though. Dante has some specific hardware requirements. Make sure you do some study (there is a short course on youtube) before you try to run it. You need to understand how it works and how they assign things first. After that it is a piece of cake. Oh I am just remembering we have also sent stuff from the console (stem mixes) to multitrack as well so in case you thought it was limited to only recording the mic pres don’t be mistaken. You are not limited.

What mOS were you running on the Mac? I have heard there are issues running Dante with High Sierra over at PreSonus from memory as that was one way I thought I could get Pro Tools to run with their series 3 StudioLive desks.