Cubase Pro 9.5 x Win 10 Freeze on Quit: how to diagnose?

My Cubase 9.5.41 (Win 10 Pro) sometimes freezes when I try to quit. I suspect it’s a particular plugin because it’s project-specific, but I’ve been doing some copmosition and sound design in a hurry, so I haven’t been keeping a close eye on what plugins I’ve added.

The symptom is, I try to Quit Cubase and it hangs; I need to go into Task Manager and End Task to force it to quit.

Does anyone know if there’s somewhere I can find a diagnostic log/report that would point to the source of the problem… and does anyone have any hints about what to look for?

Thanks for reading, and for any help!


Do you use iC Pro by any chance?

If you think it’s plug-in related, you can remove the plug-ins and check it.

Thanks for the reply Martin - I’ll start testing the plugins I used on the hanging projects. Was just wondering if there was something that might point straight at the bad plugin, because it’s an annoying way for Cubase to crash (it lets me spend time working on a project, saving as different versions… but because it crashes on exit, it doesn’t update its Recent Projects list).

Cheers, have a good evening!


If it crashes, you can attach the crash dump file and I could have a look. If it hangs and there is no crash dump, I have nothing to work with.