I cant get Auto Quantize to work. Then i look in my Inspector for midi instruments,they are not detected. I shut down Cubase Pro 9 and launch 8.5,everything is back in order. Is this a case of upgrades are beta blues with Cubase 9 to 9.5?

No, many, including me have found 9.5 the most stable and complete version of Cubase ever.

If you want some suggestions as to how to solve your problems we need a more concise description of your issues and also your OS, computer specs etc.

9.5 is working great here and for most, so, no.

Hey Planarchist and Steve…
I love Steinberg products and have used Cubase from the beginning,but,I cant even get a clean sequence now on 9 or 9.5… The quantize seems to be off or just malfunctioning. If I play a note after the Count in ,the note doesnt even register on the first beat. If it does register,its in the area just prior to the first beat outside the start line. Also,even if I play a perfect line,it comes back as if I played it totally wrong.( Im reverting back to 8.5 for now just to get some music done)…Im a professional user.I do this for a living… CAN YOU PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS ISSUE…

My system:
Windows 10/ Intel i7/16 GB
Cubase Pro 9/9.5.20
Tascam IFFW MmkII Audio Interface
Midex 8 Midi interface

It really should work. Have you started up using Cubase Safe Start mode in order to eliminate corrupted prefs as the culprit here?

No,I dont know how to use Cubase Safe Start Mode…can u assist please…im willing to try anything

Look for info on where to find the preference file and delete it or move it to another folder or re-name it. It is in the forum.
The preference files is kept when Upgrading so to start clean it has to be manually deleted.
Sorry I don’t remember the location just now.

I love Cubase but it does weird stuff once in a while. The other day I open a project and did not find Halion 6 or Sonic???
It was working fine the day before. The project did not even have a Halion Instrument track.
Then the next day, Cubase opened with no issues???

Look in your midi setup and make sure to see if one of the boxes is ticked at the bottom. when Cubase starts it has these unticked. I had the same issue with notes playing well before the beat I clicked on the first box and it works perfectly now. There are two tick boxes just try them and see what works for your setup.
Hope this helps

Thanks for the suggestions…When you say Midi Set up ,Where do you mean? And when you say Ticked,Ticked in what box? bottom of what,in what page are you pertaining to…Inspector?,The actual Midi track? The list along the top File-Edit-Project-Audio-Midi ? Not sure where this Tick is located …

Had problems initially,but its all good now…thnx for all the comments…

So you started the thread Mar 15th and it just got resolved now? Yikes??