Cubase Pro 9 and Bluetooth Midi

I’m have issues recording midi note using bluetooth midi and cubase pro 9. It’s working fine with other applications like Garage Band, Logic…

In Cubase I can play the note but can’t record.

What happens while recording?

Can you see the incoming signal on the meter? Can you add the MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert? Can you see the data here?

Can you record work other MIDI device?

Hi Martin,

I can see the midi in /out signals in Cubase and I can even play instruments. My only issue is recording. For example when I record an 8 bar melody cubase records all the notes on bar 1 on the first bar.

I submitted a ticket to steinberg support. They suggested to disable asio guard. No success.
Like I mentioned the same application is working perfectly in other DAW’s.

I might be wrong. But it looks like a bug to me…

Thanks for the reply.

Then I would say this is Timestamp issue. Add the MIDI Monitor Insert to the MIDI Track, play some MIDI Notes, check the MIDI Monitor, you should see if there is a Timestamp issue. Maybe you can make a Screenshot and post it here.

Here’s a screenshot…

Thanks. The “Position: 0:00:00.000” and the “Length: 0.000” would confirm, that there is a problem with the Time stems.

Cubase Pro 9 doesn’t support Bluetooth Midi yet. That’s the word from Steinberg Tech Support. But it’s on the list for a future update…