Cubase Pro 9 basic conveniences

Hi there.
I am a very old user (starting with the 3nd SX version).
Now I use several sequencers for my work (Reaper, Studio One 3.5) and I would like to ask you: do you even consider the wishes of your users? Or do you have a habit of listening to the opinion of your marketing team?
Is it difficult to steal only 3 things:

  1. Render the file when you press Enter
  2. Open the folder with the file you just saved
  3. When rendering, show the signal level in the window to avoid clipping.
    These simple innovations will greatly simplify the life of many users.
    The end.

Hi and welcome (on the forum),

  1. You can assign your own Key Command to any function. So you can assign Enter/Return to Render in Place.

  2. I don’t know, how it is on Windows. On Mac you can do this on the system level (any application can do this). Right-click to the file icon in the window header, and open it.

  3. Enable Meters update in the Export Audio Mixdown window.

Thank you very much, but I mean:
1.“Export Audio Mixdown when you press Enter”,not Render,sorry.
2. Automaticly open folder with just exporting audio.
3.Where this function button enable? Or you mean Update Project Window?
Thank you.


  1. You can call the Export Audio Mixdown window by KeyCommand. But then you have to make the settings. So it’s not possible to assign one Key Command, then just hit it and the whole export is done. This is not possible.

  2. You mean open the folder in Finder/File Explorer after Mixdown? No, this is not possible. Maybe someone wrote a script for the Post Process.

  3. I mean Update Display at the bottom of the Export Audio Mixdown window.

Ok,got it. Thank you,Martin.

Hi All

Don’t know if this is what you’re after, but I set it up so when I press. ctrl/alt/shift and e (my KC) I get the export dialogue in which, open in Soundforge (default) or open in explorer are options, so when its finished exporting it automatically opens in my wave editor.

Best Regards


Pretty sure the track mixing down just by hitting ‘enter’ would be a real pain in the arse.

I mean it`s on Export Window:) Not in project window)

Wow! Could you tell more about this?


You can define this in the Post Process of the Export Audio Mixdown window. Here you can set what should be done after the Export. Like open in editor or export to Sound Cloud.

Hi zmeey79

Its slightly obscure, I got it from one of the guys on this forum. I’m not at the studio currently so I’ll give what Info I can. Basically in the export audio/mixdown dialogue there is a dropdown menu near the bottom, I think it says “none” normally but there is a way of getting your own commands to come up in there (mine is open in Soundforge), can’t remember how I did it, do a search maybe, or perhaps someone could pitch in here. I think it involved text editing in a file somewhere.

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It does, i made one that after mixdown makes MP3, M4A and a FLAC all in one swoop.
Really nice if you need to send a copy and they are already made.
I have had some mixed success with the file name conventions, and was going to write a little tutorial once I have found a foolproof way of parsing path and file names to the command line (programs).

Hi Martin.
I do not see there a choice of process after export,only upload in SoundCloud…

Ok,thank you Dave.

Hello there, will you please be kind enough to tell me how you brought Sound Forge to the Post Process Dialogue of Cubase?

Hi there

I don’t use soundforge any more, I use WaveLab which automatically appears as an option. However do a google search on editing the post process dialogue, there should be posts on it and I think there was a small article somewhere. It’s quite straight forward but requires some fiddly text editing. Hope this helps

Best Regards, Dave

Thank you so much for answering, Dave, and I have figured it out by watching a video.