Cubase Pro 9 freeze drag & drop wave files from a folder

Since the last update my cubase Pro 9.010 freeze when i import wave files from a folder.
My computer is an i7, 12 Go of ram, windows 10.
Nothing is open outside cubase except the folder where my wave files are, i have my CC121 connected and start before opening cubase.

If i start a new project, creating stereo tracks, if i want to drag and drop wave file from my foder directly into cubase, it freeze.
It don’t freeze if i import wave file by selecting the stereo track > File > Import > Wave file.

I notice also that if after working sometimes, i save my project, let Cubase open, go to chrome for surfing, when i come back, cubase is freeze.

Seems so that if i go outside cubase and switch to chrome or a folder or something else, it freeze.

This wasn’t happend before the last update.

Any help will be appreciate, thank you.

Hi, anyone have an idea ?