Cubase Pro 9 from Cubase 5


Recently I upgraded from Cubase 5 to 9 pro, now I want to reinstall win7, my question is will I need to install Cubase 5 first before updating to Cubase 9 pro?

I have box version of Cubase 5 and software version of Cubase 9 pro

I have downloaded Cubase 9 pro (10.5gb) from the Steinberg website but there is no Cubase 9pro install file.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Andi :sunglasses:

nope, go to your account downloads on steinberg main web page, download the full install.

Once you have upgraded your licence (eg used Cubase 9) you can run either version. That means after you install your Win7 then you can install both version 5 and 9. I run ver 8, 9 now for certain projects plugin compatibility.

Thanks beerbong, much appreciated :smiley: