Cubase Pro 9 keep save my project

Cubase keeps save this project today, my auto save is set to 15min(as default),
so this is not auto save because it’s saved every few minutes, here is screenshot:

I know when project have some error will make Cubase to save a backup, but there are no error message when I use this project, very confused and annoyed, please help me, thanks!

Hi and welcome,

These CPR files are not Cubase backup files. Cubase backup files has bak file extension. Is your project save in the Dropbox folder, while you are working on it?

Yes, I do, is Dropbox the reason Cubase keep save new cpr for me?
why is that? since any other type of files I can edit them while they are in Dropbox.
but this is first Cubase project I put in dropbox so it’s very possible the reason, dropbox makes things easier to me because I can use same project on notebook without the process of transmission.


Please, try it on your local drive, is it the same? If not, then it’s on Dropbox side.

Please, search the forum for “Dropbox” string. I remember, there was already some discussion on the topic, the same scenario, you are looking for.

Just found it:

Maybe I can only turn off dropbox as a walk around for now, hope Steinberg can do something about it someday,
although it can be either side’s problem(Dropbox or Cubase), but Cubase project is the only type of file I encounter this.
as least I know where the problem is, thanks!

An alternative would be to try a file sync program, work in different folder and copy that folder to Dropbox.
Either by timer, key command or when Cubase gets closed.
I would not mind if Cubase had a Run “xxxcommand.exe” on close, could be Handy for all kind of maintenance.

I had this same issue with OneDrive. OneDrive also made it difficult to name files when creating a new project. I just switched to dropbox today but also occationally have a critical error message when opening existing projects which is an issue I just started having as well.
I have 2 studios. One on each end of the country and this is the only reliable way to keep my systems syncronized.
Also good for making changes as a recording session or mix session that is happening outside my studios.

It’s not just Cubase, I (and others) have had problems using Adobe Lightroom with Dropbox. It appears to be programs which make regular access to their data files (such as Cubase and Lightroom).

Interesting. Thanks.