Cubase Pro 9 plugins on Wavelab Elements 9

Hi .

I just got myself a copy of WL Elements 9 and I am asking myself if is there any way to use Cubase’s plugins (Frequency EQ, MultibandCompressor, Multiband Envelope Shaper) as a plugin device inside Wavelab Elements?

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I still have not figured out how to have Cubase Pro’s dynamic plugins running on WL Elements 9.

Which folder should I tell WL to search for those plugins mentioned above?
On WL preferences there is option to direct WL to thirds parties plugins folder but I still not being able to solve it out.

Any help would be welcome .


Could any Steinberg technician please give a confident answer for my question?
It seem to be really odd not be able to add Cubase plugins inside WLElements 9. As wavelab elemets allow use of external plugins I don’t see real reason to not allow it.

Thank you

You don’t say what OS you’re using, but if Windows, you could try adding “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\VST3” to the search path within WaveLab preferences, but you’re on your own. As I understand it, Cubase’s plugins are part of Cubase and not intended for use outside of Cubase.


Actually I’m on PC. I have tried that path but unfortunately Cubase’s plugins don’t shows up. It is pity not be able to use Steinberg plugins inside Steinberg Softwares.

Thank you

It’s the same as Logic Pro’s plug ins not being accessible by WL. They can be used by Logic Pro only.

This defies the whole concept of audio plugins altogether…Just tried with Cubase Pro 11 and WaveLab Pro 10, without luck.