Cubase Pro 9 - Score voices window settingss

I’m unabled to display all the columns for staff settings in voices section (see attached picture).
This issue happens on my system in italian language.
Is there a way to show hidden/non-visible columns ?
Thanks in advance
score settings windows.png


Are the columns resizable (in it’s header)? Or if the whole window resizable?

Martin you do use Cubase, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pier- normally in the Italian version just a bit of the right side is cut off- but here there is extra text in the Channels column. I’ve never seen that before, do you know what it is?

First thing I’d suggest is Cubase Safe Start mode to see if it’s just corrupter prefs.


Yes, sometimes… :smiley:

But not every time I answer the forum, Cubase is open on my computer.

Now I checked it, and I can confirm, these columns are not resizable (what a surprise! :smiley:). If this is the official translate, then it’s definitely a bug. And actually, I cannot imagine, how does it look like in French (which is most often the longest one).


'Do you know what those words are in the “Canale” column?

Disattivate = Disabled

My Googltalian is surprisingly good. :wink:

That’s almost as long as the longest word in Deutsche: Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän

I will definitely try out this Googl you speak of, soon.


No, columns are fixed ! :frowning:

Pier, have you tried running in Cubase Safe Start mode yet? (see above)