Cubase pro 9 will not load after download of Gullfloss VST

Any ideas? I updated Ilok and eLicener. Restart, restart,restart.

Just spinning window locked up at ‘Scanning VST3 Plug-ins…’

Even starting in "Safe Mode’ gives same result. Nothing but lock up…

Please help!

Try renaming the extension for the Gullfloss to something other than .dll like .dll-old so that Cubase won’t find it when it scans. Alternatively move the file to someplace Cubase doesn’t scan for plug-ins.

This is my new favourite typo :slight_smile: (“foss” = waterfall, “floss” = well, floss.) Someone should definitely make a golden floss VST. I can only imagine how clean it will make your tracks :smiley:


I quite agree with Raino for a solution to your issue but FWIW I have Gullfoss running just fine on both my Windows 7 and Win 10 systems with Cubase. I did have some issues with the license not working at first but that didn’t stop Cubase starting up.
To solve my issue I had to make sure the license was all correct on iLok first.

HAHA! I like that!

Yeah, it is the Gullfoss (floss) plug that Cubase has issues with.

It is now in the trash. Just like dental floss…